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Amaranth Super Food Flowers

Amaranth – A Super Food

Amaranth is a super nutritious and gluten-free seed and a member of the chenopodiaceae plant family.

It was a staple in the diets of the Mayans, Incas and the Aztecs. They used to call amaranth “a gift from the gods”. This herbaceous crop was also cultivated for centuries by small communities in Mexico and the Andes.

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Amaranth Super Food GrainAmaranth belongs to the family of pseudo-cereals, which are classified as broadleaf plants. These plants are different from wheat and other true grasses. The seeds of pseudo-cereals can be ground into flour and used like any other cereal.

Like buckwheat and quinoa, amaranth has a very high content of protein, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

The levels of amino acid lysine found in this seed are higher than other cereals, beans, soy, and even meat and dairy products.

The amaranth flour is free of simple and complex sugars and rich in amylopectin.

Dishes and treats prepared with amaranth are healthy, taste delicious and are suitable for celiacs and diabetics. Amaranth is available whole, ground or as an oil.

Here is a delicious recipe using amaranth as a whole seed: “Amaranth Veggie Burger“. Try it and start enjoying the benefits of this super food!


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