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Break Free From A Life Of Doom And Gloom

Break Free From A Life Of Doom And Gloom

Many of us come into this world to live a mere existence. We are born and nurtured by our parents until we can go to school, get a job, get married, get a mortgage, have children and see them grow and leave the house, retire and die.

We spend most of our lives working crazy long hours for someone else, live by rules established by someone else, and have our children be taken care of by someone else.

Between work, we spend limited “quality time” with our kids, doing homework with them, driving them to a sport practice, do house chores, groceries, going to the gym for an hour, if we're lucky until we are exhausted.

So what do we do? We spend most of our evenings trying to relax by consuming genetically modified food, alcohol, medication, and entertainment that all alter our brain to keep us under control.  Sounds like a “conspiracy theory” or even a “sci-fi” movie?  Well, just look around you!

When you drive to work in the morning and are stuck in a traffic jam, if you glance at the person driving in the lane parallel to yours, do you see a happy person?

When you walk to your favourite coffee shop to get your jolt of caffeine to keep you going in the morning, are you ever greeted by a warm “Good morning” by a perfect stranger in the street?

Life On Auto-Pilot

We have become mechanic in everything we do and we don't even realize it. Like drones we get out of bed, feed the kids, go to work, pick up the kids, feed the kids, put the kids to bed, watch TV, go to bed and start it all over the next day.

Life On Auto PilotOh yeah, and I forgot to say that we work so hard all year so that we can take a couple of weeks of vacation to make it all worthwhile!

We have surrendered our power to our governments, religious leaders, doctors, economists and other figures in our communities. On top of that, the media feeds us “gloom and doom” stories to keep us depressed.

We are brainwashed by mainstream TV into buying products that are hazardous to our health and give us a false sense of identity and security.

We let our children listen to songs written with words that are disrespectful, and we continue to support the TV, movie and music industries that are still portraying women as sex objects (yeah, even if they are playing roles such as successful lawyers) and therefore second class citizens.

We support  multi-million dollar game industries that promote extreme violence and teach our children that violence is okay.  Have you seen the school yards lately and the explosion of children bullying other children and juvenile suicides?


Okay, enough about the depressing facts.  What are the solutions? What can you do to change yourself and the world around you? Well, remember the song written by the Beatles entitled “All you need is love”.  You've got it, that's the answer!

All You Need Is Love

Love is an energy that is so strong that some are frightened by it.  Why, because it changes the “status quo”! When you fill yourself with love, this energy emanates from you and touches everyone around you. This is how you brake the chains and set yourself free from disease, poverty, destructive emotions and addictions.

Now, this does not mean that you say “Yeah, I love you” with your mouth and forget about it! Nope, it has to come from your heart and it has to be an ongoing practice.  This is how you change yourself and the world around you.  Simple but not so simple.

Why? Because like anything else in life, it takes a little effort on your part but the rewards are priceless. When you learned how to walk, you had the determination to do it and each step you took was to achieve a specific goal: walking. Sometimes you fell and some other times you did brilliantly until walking became second nature. The same applies with spreading love all around you.

The best way to connect with love energy and replenish your reserves is to meditate. To help you get started, I would recommend that you begin with meditating five minutes a day every day and then increase it to ten minutes during the second week and so on.

Shower Of Light – Meditation Technique

Your immediate answer is that you live a hectic life and you don't have time, right? Okay, then how about meditating while you take a shower in the morning?

Shower Of LightPicture in your mind that the droplets of water that fall and happily dance on your skin are a shower of white light (Universal intelligence) that penetrates every cell in your body and fills you with peace.

Next, picture that the droplets of water transform themselves into golden light (the Love light) which surrounds and warms your heart with unconditional love. Do this mindful meditation regularly and start seeing dramatic improvements in your life in a very short period of time!

You will attract love because you are sending love. You will become more compassionate, everything you do will be “of service” and not merely “work”. You will definitely transform your life by becoming more conscious, your life situation will change and you will attract what you always wanted in life.

By putting a little effort on your part, by spreading love along your path, you can be what you came to BE on this earth.


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