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Green Geeks Windmill Farm

Our Web Hosting Provider Is Green

While searching for the web hosting provider for we have reviewed several web hosting companies. Our search was targeted primarily on eco-friendly and green web hosting companies with good track record and service.

There are several good green hosting companies in the market today, and after extensive search and review, we have narrowed down the list to these five web hosting providers. Note that all listed statistics are accurate as of the date when this article was posted. We have provided links to these sites in case you would like to see if any of their green programs have changed since.

Company Green Facts Website
Green Geeks 300% offset, wind energy, server optimization
iPage 200% offset, wind energy, tree planting program
Host Gator 130% offset, wind energy, 36% server optimization
Fat Cow 100% offset, wind energy
Host Papa 100% offset, wind and solar energy

Out of this group, we then selected Green Geeks as our main web hosting provider. Like any other web hosting company, they pull energy directly from the power grid. This is required to enable constant power flow to their servers and to ensure those servers would not be interrupted by power surges or outages. So how does the company get to call itself “green” then?


Green Laptop With Crank

What makes a web hosting company green?

To compensate for the power the company pulls from the grid, it purchases wind energy credits. In other words, for every single unit of power the company draws from the grid, they deposit 3 units of power generated from wind sources back into the power grid. Using this approach, their web site hosting services are defined as 300% green.

In this way, they are actually helping to make the web hosting and overall power system greener, not just covering their own carbon footprint. In addition to purchasing wind energy credits, Green Geeks invests in better server configuration patterns so that their servers run more efficiently, use less energy and run cooler. This is extremely important because it reduces the energy draw of enormous cooling fans required to keep servers running at optimal temperatures.

We haven't had a chance to verify this, but on their web site they state that the company applies other measures to reduce the carbon footprint in their offices as well. Recycling, paper conservation, enabling employee telecommuting and charity contributions  are all geared towards promoting a more eco-friendly attitude and consciousness.

Green Geeks Web Site

As far as Green Geeks web hosting related services, such as shared web site performance, available hosting packages, pricing structure and support, we feel that they are on par if not above all other green web hosting companies out there. Pricing structures are competitive and easy to understand, the staff is responsive and helpful and web site setup was easy and quick. Once we placed the order, our web site was up and running in a matter of minutes!

We are quite happy that we found this company as our web hosting provider. If you are in the market for a similar set of eco-friendly green services, we hope that you will consider Green Geeks as one of your potential providers. If you do choose to sign-up with them, you will be able to proudly display this green tag on your new web site! 🙂

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