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Homeopathy Practitioner From Beirut, Lebanon

Holistic healing methods, including homeopathy, are steadily gaining ground and being sought after around the world. Homeopaths and holistic practitioners in Beirut, Lebanon are seeing the number of their patients increase as well.

Yvonne Siblini is a homeopath practicing in Beirut and these are her views on homeopathy and experiences with her patients.

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Siblini, who began studying homeopathy after herbal medicine in India cured her thyroid problem, gives some examples of how it works, explaining that the symptoms each patient displays are not necessarily indicative of the root of the problem.

“It’s not that you come for diabetes and then you get cured and that’s it,” she says. “Homeopathy is a holistic healing. There is no such thing as labels like ADHD or autism, things like that – or cancer … I believe that everything comes from the mind.

“If you are disturbed, like you have a problem at work, for example, or your husband gives you a hard time – you [might] have a headache. I wouldn’t get a headache if my husband was nasty, I would probably have diarrhea … Everyone is different and the symptoms come out differently.”

Because of this, Siblini explains, homeopaths prescribe medication based on each individual patient’s character, rather than following a formula.

“I sit down and I take a whole history,” she says. “It takes about an hour and a half, sometimes two hours.”

She adds: “If it’s a child, for example a 3-year-old, I have to go through the pregnancy of the mother and take down what happened – if she was happy or sad, if she was taking any medication.”

Wadad Alameddine, who studied quantum touch under Khalaf, explains that the best way to get people to trust in the efficacy of these practices is to demonstrate them.

“People come to see us when they have nowhere else to go,” she says.

“They’ve seen doctors, they’ve seen physiotherapists, they’ve seen everybody, and in the end they say ‘Why not?’ And when they do” – she mimics a comical look of eye-popping amazement – “they say: ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe this!’

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