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Beat Flu Symptoms Naturally

You Can Beat Flu Symptoms Naturally

Did you know?    The flu season is fast approaching and there is an alternative way to eliminate flu symptoms without having to take the flu shot.

Influenzinum is a homeopathic preparation made from the most current strains of flu viruses. It is taken orally and is particularly useful for people who want to be protected from influenza, but do not want to be vaccinated with conventional needles and be exposed to their potential harmful side-effects.

Thymuline is another homeopathic remedy that strengthens the immune system. This remedy stimulates the body to effectively resist any viral and bacterial agents. Homeopathic professionals recommend taking Thymuline in combination with Influenzinum during the flu season.

Recommended dosage:

  • Influenzinum 9 CH: Take 2 pellets dissolved under the tongue once monthly, until the end of the flu season. Up to two more doses may be used, at any one time, if already experiencing flu symptoms.
  • Thymuline 9 CH: Take 2 pellets dissolved under the tongue once monthly, 1 week after taking Influenzinum 9 CH, until the end of the flu season.
  • For young children, dissolve the pellets in some water.

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